Case Studies


Client Sector: Automotive


The client had advertised for a senior sales management role with specific automotive experience and exposure to the Public Sector. While they had a good response to their own advertising, no candidate had met their requirements. As a result, OCG Research and Sourcing was engaged.

Tailored Solution

We undertook what has become our ‘best practice’ research assignment approach of:

1.Assignment Specification Development. Understanding the real job needs.

2.Research Strategy Plan. Developing a candidate profile and a list of potential sources and keywords to search.

3.Company List Research. Knowing Boolean strings, Google secrets and other search engines was important, as wasascertaining up-to-date company directories, published business magazines and resources.

4.Candidate Name Generation. Cyber sleuthing online communities, deep internet mining and other media and phone based research approaches undertaken..

5.Candidate Qualification. Confidential phone conversations to screen and evaluate suitability and interest.

6.Candidates short-listed for OCG Recruitment Consultant to review. Consultant further evaluates, selects and shortlists for the client.


The research assignment highlighted approximately:

5 candidates with suitable qualifications - of these, all were passive/hidden candidates (not active in the job market)

4 candidates were short listed.

The successful candidate appointed was a passive/hidden candidate, not looking to change from their current role.


Based on my recent experience with the Research & Sourcing team their strategy meets the needs of clients with 'difficult to fill' roles that don't fit within the traditional advertised or search assignments. They offer a well articulated strategy that will serve their clients’ needs in any recruitment market and they provided a professional and flexible service that truly differentiates them from other recruitment agencies and we are extremely satisfied both with our candidate and the market information provided as part of this work.”

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